Answering your FAQ about this Tax Season

When does tax filing season open?

1 July 2021. However, a significant number of individual taxpayers will be auto-assessed starting from 1 July 2021. These taxpayers will have an opportunity to manually file their returns should they not agree to the auto-assessment.

When does tax filing season close?

Taxpayers who cannot file their returns electronically will have up to 23 November 2021 to submit their tax returns at the branch (by appointment only). Taxpayers will have up to 23 November 2021 to file their tax returns online. The deadline for electronic filing for provisional taxpayers is extended to 31 January 2022.

What documents do you need to prepare for tax returns?

The following information is needed:

  • IRP5 employee tax certificate;
  • IT3(b) and (c) certificates from financial institutions in respect of interest, dividends and capital gains;
  • Retirement annuity fund or pension fund contribution certificate:
  • Medical Aid certificate of contributions; and
  • Travel logbook (related to travel allowances received)

Further to the above, any additional income received by the taxpayer during the tax period must be declared on the return.

Am I required to submit a return even though I earn below the R500 000 threshold?

You are not required to file a tax return if your income for the tax year is not above the R500 000 threshold, and you meet the following requirements:

  • Your remuneration is paid from one employer;
  • You have no car or travel allowance, a company car fringe benefit, which is considered as additional income;
  • Your employee tax (PAYE) has been deducted or withheld; and
  • You did not earn any other additional income such as rentals, dividends, interest, etc.

How long does SARS take to process a refund?

SARS takes up to 7-21 business days to process a refund to verified South African banking accounts.

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