A comprehensive financial service for small to large companies focused at streamlining your business through cloud-based accounting software
and professional expertise.

Experity Financian Services | Accounting
Experity Financial Services | Accounting


Bookkeeping  |  Reporting  |  Budgets  |
Cloud-based accounting software

When it comes to accounting, too many cooks in the kitchen is never a good thing. That is why the Experity team will always strive to slot in seamlessly with your unique company structure to ensure that we’re make things easier, rather than complicating it even more.

The nimble structure of our business allows us to provide you with professional service, unrivalled expertise and scalable capacity in the form of customisable accounting packages that can be tailored to your exact specifications. In short – we’re here to transform bookkeeping from droning drudgery into a shiny, happy system of automation and accuracy.

Experity Financian Services | Accounting
Experity Financian Services | Tax


Registrations & submissions  |  Corporate tax  |  PAYE  |  VAT  |  Tax clearance certificates  |  General tax advice

Urgh, tax. Even just looking at the word can make you feel a little squirmy and hot under the collar. As such, the Experity team is here to ensure that you tick all the important boxes when it comes to your business’ tax responsibilities, so you remain fully compliant and in the clear to build a solid track record with all-seeing SARS.

However, we also like to keep as much of your company’s hard-earned cash right there in your register, so you can rest assured that we’ll keep an eagle eye on those tax liabilities and do what we can to make your contribution as tight and tidy as legally possible.

Experity Financian Services | Tax
Experity Financian Services | Financial Statements
Financial Statements


Preparation of full financial statements  | 
Independent reviews and audit

Financial Statements are often discarded as an unnecessary and costly exercise – but our strange-yet-wonderful team over here at Experity will make sure that it becomes your best management tool. It’s never been this easy to have your accounting come full circle. With our insight in your accounting, we’ll prepare financial statements on your behalf, and arrange to have it signed off and audited by one of our trusted auditing partners.

Experity Financian Services | Financial Statements
Experity Financian Services | Payroll


Management of payroll and leave function  |  Payslips  |
IRP5s and EMP501 reconciliations  | 
Reporting cloud-based software

Happy employees are productive employees, and one of the simplest ways to keep your workforce feeling motivated is to pay them on time every time. We also understand that you can’t be everywhere at once, which is why Experity is standing by to take over those vital payroll functions while you focus your efforts elsewhere.

Let’s reduce your costs and risk by leveraging our team’s expertise and access to tech that will make everything from payslips to PAYE and UIF returns to SARS, UIF registration and ongoing compliance an absolute breeze.

Experity Financian Services | Payroll
Experity Financian Services | Business Registration
Business Registration


It’s very important (and super time-consuming) to get the paperwork right when you’re dealing with the registration of companies, amendments, share certificates, and annual returns. We’re here to make sure that you get an ace in the hole the first time, every time. Let the Experity team take care of your business registration while you get on with the rest of that to-do list.

Experity Financian Services | Business Registration

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Experity Financial Services | Accounting


Experity Financial Services | Payroll



Bookkeeping, reporting, budgets, cloud-based accounting software


Management of payroll and leave function, payslips, IRP5s and EMP501 reconciliations, reporting cloud-based software