At ExperiMED, our understanding of the intricacies of the medical field goes far deeper than a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. We get that medical professionals need a different type of financial management to reach their business goals.

Experity Accounting | For the doctor

This is why we are offering a full range of accounting, taxation and financial consultation services that have been tailored with the needs of the white-coat-and-stethoscope crew in mind, whether you’re working on your own, or form a part of a thriving practice.

Our goal is to minimise financial stress and maximise productivity so you can get back to your consultation room to take care of all the patients in your care. As such, we’ve developed our ExperiMED Wealth packages to be practical, flexible and secure.

Experity Accounting | For the doctor

There are no needless bells and whistles over here. We get right down to brass tacks to tailor an accounting package that speaks to your needs, or that of your practice, and will create financial security by harnessing all of the most innovative wealth management tools we have at our disposal.

Our services for medical professionals include industry-specific accounting, annual statements for practices, monthly account management, specialised financial consulting for healthcare facilities, as well as tax calculation and submission.
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